We start with visualizing your finished artwork. 

At Amy Rondeau Photography, we work a little differently than most photographers. In order to create something truly amazing, we start with the end in mind. Deciding where your finished artwork will hang or what kind of story we'll tell in your album is where we begin. This allows Amy to put all her creative focus into only the images you want, and make sure they are a perfect fit for your home (and your heart too!) The best part is that when you work in this more intentional way, your session will be a lot more easy peasy...which also allows more room for fun and family bonding. You'll be in such a good mood, you might even want to go out for ice cream afterwards!



Design Consultation

Not sure what you would like to do with your photos? Amy will walk you through the process and make it easy and fun! Is there space over the sofa to hang that show stopping image of the kids together? Maybe there's another space that would catch your eye everyday and make you smile. What about the style in that room? Is it more modern, or classic? Maybe an album would better fit in your space and tell the story of your family? What is your family like? How would you describe your personalities? AND what should we wear? Getting to know you and your family better, along with the style of your house will help Amy perfectly plan your session and give you all the information about what to expect including what your final investment will be and any other questions you may have.



Photo Session

As a mom of 3 girls, Amy knows that half of the battle, is just getting everyone dressed and out the door! Sometimes rolling into your session involved a lot of effort, and that's all before we take any photos! You can relax once you get to the studio, Amy will take care of everything! Over the years, she has experienced many situations, and loves working with all ages and personalities of kids. The best part of the session is getting to to let loose and have fun with your family! 



View and Order Session

This appointment will give you an opportunity to finalize your order and verify the photos you would like to use for your wall art and albums. Using photos you take of your own walls, Amy will show you digitally exactly how the new wall art will look in your space. No more guess work about what size to choose or how it will look!



Delivery and Installation

 When your order is completed and arrives back to the studio, we will deliver it to your house and make sure it is securely hung on the wall in the right place. This can be especially helpful with larger pieces, or galleries of multiple photos. This can save you from the headache of not only trying to figure out how to hang your artwork in the right spot, but what to use to hang it on and how to make it look good. Let us take care of this for you, and you can sit back and enjoy the results!



How do I plan for future sessions?

The best part about your family photos, is that they will tell your story over time. Keeping this in mind, we can make a plan for how your wall displays will grow with your family. By planning how your portraits will move through your house, we will create a vision for your spaces that tell your family history through your artwork. Amy will do this by keeping the design of your house and flow of your spaces in mind.